Activation Overview

Activate IT Account have many process. You have to walkthought all steps. There are.

  1. Overview: This step you all step to activate CMU IT Account
  2. Accept Plicy: You must accpept Chiang Mai University policy before create account
  3. Questionaire: Questionnaire about IT for improve Chiang Mai University services in future.
  4. Select Activte Method: The way to activate IT Account. There are 2 ways. It is Registration Card from One stop service or student information
  5. Verify Information: Verify require information from your previous selection.
  6. Create Account: Select IT account name. Fill require information like password, recovery email. Then create IT account.
  7. Result: This step to show the result from previous step. This step show account created success or have some errors and guid to do next.
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